Straits Herald January 8, 2020

Malaysian authorities played a series of phone recordings 45-minute audio recordings implicating former Premier, Najib Razak in covering up the 1MDB scandal.

Authorities from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) revealed that Najib reaching out to UAE’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed to secure a meeting on how to ‘resolve the “impasse” relating to the 1MDB and Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Co (IPIC) finance package’ in a phone conversation dated 26 July 2016.

This phone call, amongst others, show that Najib and other top officials of Malaysia seeking help from people and prosecutors to try and untangle themselves from the 1MDB scandal that was unravelling fast during that period.

“We cannot delay this any longer, we must act now,” says Najib to the Crown Prince.

Chief Commissioner of the MACC, Latheefa Koya told reporters at the administrative capital of Putrajaya earlier Wednesday (8 Jan) that these recordings show elements of ‘abuse of power’, ‘obstruction of justice’, ‘fabrication of evidence’ involving key figures, including two former Attorney-Generals, the former Chief Commissioner of the MACC, and many others.


The nine audio clips also show conversations between Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor.

In this clip, it was clearly audible that Rosmah was shouting at Najib in an effort to get the latter’s attention.

“LET ME SAY SOMETHING,” Rosmah screamed, before underlying the fact that she told Najib to be ‘more forceful’ as ‘he was the PM for goodness sakes,’.

Former AGs implicated

In a recording dated 5 January 2016, then-public prosecurtor Dzulkifli Ahmed told Najib that ‘he was worried that the 1MDB investigation papers were known to about 20 people’.

In this clip, Dzulkifli told Najib that he and former Attorney-General (AG) – Apandi Ali – would ‘handle the matter’ on the legal side.

Dzulkifli was promptly promoted to become the new Chief Commissioner at the anti-graft agency.

Apandi Ali meanwhile, cleared Najib of all wrongdoing on 26 Jan 2016.

Full recordings now online

A number of Malaysian Press has now made the audio recordings available online.