Straits Herald January 10, 2020

On 10th January 2020, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) informed that the leaked audio clips of conversations between disgraced ex-PM of Malaysia, Najib Razak has been handed over to the Malaysian police for further action.

Below are two audio clips of Najib speaking to UAE Crown Prince Mohammad Zayed Al Nahyan and one clip of Najib speaking to CEO of Mubadala Investment Company – Khaldoon Al Mubarak

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July 22, 2016, 8.54pm – Najib Abdul Razak calls Mohammed Zayed Al Nahyan

Mohammed: Mr Prime Minister. How are you, sir?

Najib: I’m delighted to speak to you, Your Highness. I’m well, Alhamdulillah, and I hope you and your family, they are well?

Mohammed: Everybody is just swell, Mr Prime Minister. How is the family doing?

Najib: Good, family is well here. Of course, we are experiencing a bit of dark cloud as a result of yesterday’s announcement by the Department of Justice.

That’s why Your Highness, it is important for us to resolve this impasse with respect to 1MDB and IPIC as soon as possible, so that we put closure as soon as possible, because it is embarrassing to both countries, embarrassing Malaysia, embarrassing UAE as well, and personalities who are close to you.

So, I wish that we can find a solution as soon as possible. It’s difficult for me to talk to you on the phone. Would it be possible for us to meet as soon as possible so that we can work this out?

Mohammed: Mr Prime Minister, it will be fine with me but the only catch is I’m probably with (UAE President) Sheikh Khalifah (Zayed Al Nahyan), who is in medical treatment now. He’s gone for a check-up for about five days and (inaudible)… after tomorrow I’m still with him, but is it okay after that?

Najib: Where will Your Highness be?

Mohammed: I’ll be at home, in about seven to eight days here.

Najib: Seven to eight days? Umm, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Mohammed: If you think this is too late I can arrange something else. I can let Khaldoon talk to you, wherever you are. Very under the radar and sit with you and talk about it. He’s somebody that I trust (inaudible)…

Najib: Where will Your Highness be on Sunday?

Mohammed: On Sunday, I will be leaving Sheikh Khalifah. On Sunday, actually yes.

Najib: You’re leaving what time on Sunday?

Mohammed: Uhhh, I’m not sure.

Najib: You’re not sure. Ummm.

Mohammed: Not in the morning.

Najib: Not in the morning? Would it be possible if I were to meet you on Sunday morning?

Mohammed: I can arrange that, I can arrange that, Mr Prime Minister.

Najib: I’ll fly over on Saturday and then be with you Sunday morning, and after our discussion, Your Highness, you can proceed with your trip. 

This is very urgent, actually, if we don’t resolve this, the matter could escalate, you know.

Mohammed: Okay. Can I call you back in about three hours or four hours?

Najib: Uhh okay. Ummm, sure you can call me, say, 11.30 our time, which is about two-and-a-half hours’ time, is that possible?

Mohammed: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Definitely, I’ll call you before that.

Najib: Thank you, Your Highness.

July 22, 2016, 11.33pm – Mohammed Zayed Al Nahyan calls Najib Abdul Razak 

Najib: Yes?

Man: Ready to speak with His Highness?

Najib: Yes, I’m ready. Yeah, I’m ready, yeah.

Mohammed: Mr Prime Minister, I apologise for being late.

Najib: (Laugh) You’re very prompt, not to worry, Your Highness.

Mohammed: Mr Prime Minister, I have consulted my guys here and I’m fine with Sunday but the catch is (inaudible)… It will be unproductive for you and me (to meet), so I try to find another solution.

Mr Prime Minister, Khaldoon has the full authority from me. I really genuinely want to find a solution to this problem.

Najib: Okay.

Mohammed: I think it is very important that somebody meets you. (Inaudible) is fine with you and fine with us, I think we should go for it. I don’t want to push this anymore, it is in our interest, Mr Prime Minister, to solve it.

Najib: Yes, it is our mutual interest, Your Highness. So you don’t think I should fly over? Do you think people will know about it?

Mohammed: I think… will know about it, yes.

Najib: I see. Uhh… mmm, mmm, mmm. But we really need to resolve this.

Mohammed: I can let him go there.

Najib: You want Khaldoon to come here?

Mohammed: I think Khaldoon can go there, Mr Prime Minister, and your minister can come and…

Najib: When can Khaldoon come here?

Mohammed: I will call him now. He’s in California for a visit, but I can let him snap and shoot from there.

Najib: I also have this personal request, Your Highness.

Mohammed: Yes?

Najib: That relates to Riza (above). You know, my son.

Mohammed: Yes.

Najib: And his movie. You see the problem is relatively small. There can be an agreement with Sheikh Mansour to have a loan agreement signed, and he will pay back according to his schedule. That will show that it is a legitimate financing package and it is not money laundering.

Mohammed: I see.

Najib: At the moment, he is under a bit of pressure in America, and we are worried about him. They are making him a scapegoat, you see.

I would appreciate, the big package looks positive, we can find a solution I believe, uhh. I would appreciate if that agreement can be signed quickly by Sheikh Mansour or whoever is designated by Sheikh Mansour, so that he can begin repayment.

He’s paid back some, he continues to repay, so that it would appear as a legitimate loan agreement, which it is, you see. Because when he received it, the banks cleared the source of money so he was not aware at all where it came from.

So I don’t want him to be a victim when he was totally unaware of the source of money. He genuinely believed that it was from Aabar and under the instruction of Sheikh Mansour, you see.

Remember, Your Highness, also talked about helping him when he was in Abu Dhabi?

Mohammed: (Inaudible).

Najib: That’s right. So I need that agreement to be sorted out quickly, Your Highness, that’s my special request. As soon as possible, if Monday or Tuesday we need this to have the agreement signed. Can you suggest how we can do that?

Mohammed: (Inaudible) Mr Prime Minister (inaudible)… if it within my power (inaudible). I understand that this is your son and I really want to…

Najib: Yeah, that’s right, because he is totally innocent. All he wanted was to make movies, and there was an offer of a loan from Sheikh Mansour and your side from Aabar, and also you mentioned it. Remember? When we had lunch at the restaurant about supporting him so he thought everything was fine, you see. Now, they’re trying to connect him with 1MDB money, which totally… came as a shock to him.

Mohammed: Mr Prime Minister, InsyaAllah.

Najib: But time is of the essence, Your Highness, we cannot leave it a day longer, we don’t want the Department of Justice to suddenly move against him, you see.

Mohammed: (Inaudible).

Najib: Thank you, Your Highness. Where do we go from here then? He’s got all the documents with him.

Mohammed: (Inaudible) Khaldoon right now. I will see how we can, (inaudible)… to see how they can arrange anything immediately.

Najib: He’s got the number of Amhari. If he can call Amhari straight away, and then, can we work out we can resolve this?

Mohammed: Mr Prime Minister, believe me, I want to finish this. This is bad and I don’t want…

Najib: Thank you, Your Highness. This is very bad, it could lead to something very very unforeseen and catastrophic for me, for our government, and also for you on your side.

So, it is to our mutual interest, being so close, we need to resolve this. It’s not something that is not impossible. It is something that is within our means to resolve.

Mohammed: I agree.

Najib: So, what do you want me to do, Your Highness, just uh…

Mohammed: I’ll (inaudible)… Amhari, Mr Prime Minister.

Najib: You’ll call Amhari? Okay, all right. I will alert Amhari straight away. Thank you.

July 23, 2016, 2.49am – Najib Abdul Razak calls Khaldoon Al Mubarak

Najib: Mr Khaldoon?

Khaldoon: Yes?

Najib: This is Najib, Datuk Najib once again.

Khaldoon: Oh hi, Mr Prime Minister. How are you?

Najib: (Inaudible) Has Riza…

Khaldoon: I’ve spoken to him and we agreed that we’re going to meet tomorrow morning.

Najib: Tomorrow morning? Okay, good. Do you want him alone or do you want him with a lawyer?

Khaldoon: No, I think better for this we meet alone. After I meet with him alone, we can… I can decide how we can move to the next level, but I just need for the first sit down… just at least for me to understand directly from him what needs to be done.

Najib: Can you convey to him? I’m trying to get him, but he’s in a meeting with his lawyer. I don’t want him to spoil this thing if he brings his lawyer because the lawyer is rather attached to him, doesn’t…’