Straits Herald January 30, 2020

The Malaysian Navy has reassured the public that all Malaysian seamen, sailors, officers, and support staff who are stationed in China are free from the coronavirus nCov2019.

Malaysia has ordered four Littoral Mission Ship (LMS) from China.

These four vessels are currently being constructed in Wuhan, Hubei province, which is also the epicentre of the epidemic outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

According to the Navy, 57 personnels are stationed in China. From this figure, 42 has since returned home to Malaysia following the Lunar New Year holidays.

All 42 are free from the coronavirus.

The remaining 15 navy personnel who are still in China, are located in Qidong, Shanghai.

They are there attending training and exercise as part of the initial crew members that will man the vessels upon completion.

The navy said that they are making active plans to extricate the remaining 15 personnel out of China and are ensuring that their loved once back home are fully informed of this progress.

Malaysia’s programme with China involves the purchases, training, and armament of the LMS vessels.

Wuhan is home to China’s massive naval shipyard and is currently building hundreds of vessels for domestic use, as well as for export.

To date, there are over 8,000 confirmed positive cases of patients contracting the nCoV2019 virus, from which over 7,000 of these cases are located in Wuhan China.

Over 170 people have died from this illness. All of the fatal cases are in Wuhan.