Straits Herald March 9, 2020

Zafrul Aziz, currently the CEO of Malaysia’s second biggest lender – CIMB – has just been announced as the new Finance Minister of Malaysia.

This announcement was made by the new Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin in a press conference on Monday in Putrajaya.

The appointment of Zafrul in the cabinet would mean he has to be sworn in as Senator in the upper house of the Malaysian Senate before he could take his place in the cabinet, and subsequently, his place in the lower house – Dewan Rakyat – when the parliament starts on 18th May.

Muhyiddin came to power after much wrangling and quarrels with the various political factions.

By choosing the much-neutral CEO of CIMB, Muhyiddin avoided the much politised role of Finance Minister by filling that seat with a pure technocrat.

The previous Finance Minister, DAP stalwart Lim Guan Eng faced much critisms and was subject to much debate in his role by disenfrenchising the majority Malays in the country.