Straits Herald February 12, 2020

by Laurent Thomet and Jing Xuan Teng The death toll in China from the new coronavirus epidemic jumped on Wednesday, as the chief of the World Health Organization urged countries to work together against the “grave threat” posed by the outbreak. The WHO is holding a conference in Geneva on combating the virus, which has […]

Straits Herald February 8, 2020

by Paul Ricard and Brigitte Castelnau Chinese researchers investigating the animal origin of the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China said Friday the endangered pangolin may be the “missing link” between bats and humans, but other scientists said the search may not be over. An earlier study — since discredited — pointed to snakes, and there […]

Straits Herald January 28, 2020

Malaysia banned visitors from the Chinese city of Wuhan and its surrounding Hubei province on Monday, in a bid to contain the spread of a deadly virus. A statement by the prime minister’s office said the authorities will temporarily halt all issuance of visas for Chinese citizens from the area with immediate effect. “The government has […]

Straits Herald January 6, 2020

Malaysian health authorities will carry out temperature screening of passengers arriving on flights from Wuhan, China following the recent outbreak of a mysterious respiratory illness there. Health Ministry of Malaysia’s Disease Control Division (DCD) informed of this through a statement issued on Saturday (Jan 4). The move comes after health authorities in Wuhan confirmed on […]

Straits Herald November 15, 2019

by Haeril Halim Indonesian Mirnawati once ate rice with every meal, but its link to diabetes convinced her to join a growing movement to quit a staple food in the third biggest rice-consuming nation on Earth. As World Diabetes Day is held Thursday, the Southeast Asian nation is struggling to tackle a disease that affects […]

Straits Herald October 15, 2019

by Cecil MORELLA A diet heavy on cheap, modern food like instant noodles that fills bellies but lacks key nutrients has left millions of children unhealthily thin or overweight in southeast Asia, experts say. The Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia have booming economies and rising standards of living, yet many working parents do not have the […]

Straits Herald October 6, 2019

by Olivier THIBAULT E-cigarettes have become hugely popular in the past decade but a rash of vaping-linked deaths and illnesses in the United States is feeding caution about a product, already banned in some places. Here are five things to know about electronic cigarettes. Around for two decades Early designs for an electronic cigarette were […]

Straits Herald September 17, 2019

Purdue Pharma has filed for bankruptcy in a settlement agreement in a move it hopes will head off further legal proceedings in relation to its role in spreading the opioid crisis in the US, the company said in a statement on Sunday. Owned by the wealthy Sackler family, the pharmaceutical giant is facing thousands of […]