Straits Herald September 30, 2019

Forest fires raging across Indonesia have sent air quality levels across Southeast Asia plummeting as they belch out emissions that aggravate global warming.  The country’s palm oil industry bears much of the blame for the out-of-control blazes critics say, as producers burn land to make way for their plantations.  The pulp-and-paper sector has also come […]

Straits Herald September 29, 2019

by Andrea PALASCIANO / AFP While the US banned Huawei for alleged espionage and asked its allies to do the same, Moscow has rolled out the red carpet for the Chinese tech company, letting it develop 5G networks in Russia. Analysts say the move is as much a show of solidarity with Beijing against the […]

Straits Herald September 28, 2019

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Friday urged greater international control of sanctions, criticizing US attempts to force all countries to stop doing business with Iran. “We do not know under what laws sanctions are applied. It appears to be the privilege of the rich and the powerful,” the outspoken 94-year-old leader said in an […]

Straits Herald September 26, 2019

German car parts giant Continental said Wednesday it would launch a massive restructuring including job cuts and factory closures, aiming to save hundreds of millions of euros annually in costs. In total, 20,000 out of the group’s 244,000 jobs worldwide will be “affected by changes” between now and 2029, although not all of those will […]

Straits Herald September 15, 2019

by Anuj Chopra / AFP Saudi Arabia said Saturday it was ready to respond to drone attacks claimed by Iran-aligned Yemeni rebels on two major oil facilities, which severely disrupted production as Washington blamed Tehran for the strike. The strikes sparked fires at the state-owned Aramco oil plants and prompted furious condemnation from the top […]