Straits Herald January 20, 2020

by Aurélia End Like others approaching middle age, the World Economic Forum turns 50 insisting it has matured, that it has moved on from hard partying and wants more meaningful relationships. The focus for this week’s annual meeting in Davos will be as much on hearing from climate change activists as on rapid-fire corporate dealmaking […]

Straits Herald January 10, 2020

On 10th January 2020, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) informed that the leaked audio clips of conversations between disgraced ex-PM of Malaysia, Najib Razak has been handed over to the Malaysian police for further action. Below are two audio clips of Najib speaking to UAE Crown Prince Mohammad Zayed Al Nahyan and one clip of […]

Straits Herald December 19, 2019

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Wednesday mounted a veiled attack on a Muslim summit in Malaysia shunned by Saudi Arabia, saying such gatherings would weaken Islam. Leaders of Muslim nations, including Saudi rivals Iran, Turkey and Qatar, will attend the summit this week in Kuala Lumpur, which analysts say is aimed at rivalling […]

Straits Herald December 18, 2019

by Sam Reeves Malaysia will this week host a summit of Muslim leaders billed as a forum to look at the Islamic world’s problems, but it will be closely watched for Middle East power plays and their stance on China’s Uighur minority. Leaders from Iran, Turkey, and Qatar will be among hundreds of delegates attending […]

Straits Herald December 16, 2019

Pictures by Hector Retamal It’s dawn in Xiapu county and sunrise over southeastern China is welcomed by dozens of clicking camera shutters. Locals along this rather isolated stretch of coast in Fujian province have drawn their livelihood from the sea since ancient times. But another thriving industry has emerged as steadily rising incomes put cameras […]

Straits Herald December 10, 2019

Forest fires that raged across Indonesia dented Southeast Asia’s biggest economy to the tune of some $5.2 billion, the World Bank said Wednesday, not including the health impacts from toxic haze that sent air quality plummeting. The fires are an annual problem but this year was the worst since 2015 due to dry weather, with […]

Straits Herald December 2, 2019

Oil prices tumbled Friday on expectations OPEC next week won’t take aggressive action to boost oil prices, while global equities pulled back on trade war worries.  Both the US and European benchmark contracts for oil fell ahead of the December 5 meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries in Vienna where analysts expect […]

Straits Herald December 1, 2019

Saudi Arabia became the first Arab nation Sunday to take over the G20 presidency as it seeks to bounce back onto the world stage following global uproar over its human rights record. The oil-rich kingdom has promoted a liberalisation drive, including granting greater rights to women, but faced strong criticism over a crackdown on dissent […]

Straits Herald December 1, 2019

by Juliette Michel Could it be the trade war? What about next year’s US presidential election? For famed investor Steve Eisman, the cause of the next recession is up in the air. “It’s too hard to predict at this point,” said Eisman, who anticipated the 2008 financial crisis and served as the basis for Steve […]

Straits Herald November 23, 2019

Adolf Hitler would have been able to put anti-Semitic advertisements on Facebook had the social network existed in the 1930s, according to British comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen.  The 48-year-old “Ali G” star singled out the US tech giant during a searing broadside Thursday against social media companies amplifying hatred and violence as part of […]

Straits Herald November 18, 2019

Emirates Airline said Monday it would buy 50 Airbus 350-900 widebody aircraft in a deal worth $16 billion, with delivery to begin in May 2023. “I am happy to announce we are purchasing 50 Airbus 350 for $16 billion,” the carrier’s chairman and CEO Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum told reporters at the Dubai Airshow. […]

Straits Herald November 1, 2019

by Thanaporn PROMYAMYAI / Dene-Hern Chen Southeast Asian leaders met Saturday in Thailand eyeing a breakthrough in talks over the world’s largest trade deal to help throw off the torpor which has gripped the global economy since the start of the US-China tariff war. The 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) opened their annual […]

Straits Herald October 30, 2019

by Paulina ABRAMOVICH Chile pulled out of hosting two major international summits on Wednesday as it struggled to restore order after more than ten days of civil unrest that left at least 23 dead. President Sebastian Pinera said “common sense” dictated the decision to withdraw from the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit and the Cop […]

Straits Herald October 1, 2019

China’s Communist Party has defied the odds to retain firm control of power for 70 years, adapting to a changing world to outlast its comrades in the Soviet Union. As the People’s Republic of China celebrates its anniversary on Tuesday, here is a look at how the party has evolved over the years. Turbulent decades […]

Straits Herald September 25, 2019

by Catherine KURZAWA / AFP Google is not required to apply an EU “right to be forgotten” to its search engine domains outside Europe, the EU’s top court ruled Tuesday in a landmark decision. The European Court of Justice handed victory to Google in the case, seen as crucial in determining whether EU online regulation […]

Straits Herald September 24, 2019

by Roland JACKSON / AFP Sterling bounced briefly on Tuesday after Britain’s Supreme Court ruled “unlawful” a decision by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend parliament in the run-up to Brexit. The pound rallied to $1.2489 as traders mulled the prospect that Britain could avoid a no-deal departure from the European Union on October 31, […]

Straits Herald September 19, 2019

by M. Jegathesan / AFP Malaysia said Thursday it will raise pressure on its Southeast Asian neighbours to find a solution to recurring outbreaks of smog-belching forest fires in Indonesia, as air quality plummeted and more schools closed. Blazes to clear agricultural land in the archipelago are sending toxic haze across Southeast Asia, with Jakarta’s […]

Straits Herald September 16, 2019

by Anuj CHOPRA / AFP Saudi Arabia raced on Sunday to restart operations at oil plants hit by drone attacks which slashed its production by half, as Iran dismissed US claims it was behind the assault. The Tehran-backed Huthi rebels in neighbouring Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition is bogged down in a five-year war, claimed […]

Straits Herald September 15, 2019

Qatar has turned a busy stretch of road in the capital Doha bright blue as part of an experiment to cool the tarmac surface and reduce the temperature of surrounding areas. Temperatures in the desert emirate sometimes reach 50 degrees celsius (122 Fahrenheit) and heat was a major concern when the country was named as […]

Straits Herald September 10, 2019

Malaysia prepared to seed clouds after air quality in parts of the country reached unhealthy levels due to smog from forest fires in neighbouring Indonesia, an official said Monday. Smog regularly blankets parts of Southeast Asia during the dry season when burning is used to clear Indonesian land for palm oil, paper plantations and other […]

Straits Herald September 3, 2019

Sri Lanka will request the extradition of an ex-central bank chief in relation to a $74 million insider trading scam, the attorney-general said Monday, months after Colombo accused Singapore of sheltering him. Arjuna Mahendran, a Singapore national of Sri Lankan origin, was accused in 2015 of passing sensitive information to his bond-dealer son-in-law to make […]

Straits Herald September 1, 2019

by Martin Abbugao / AFP Space-starved Singapore has expanded outwards by building into the sea and upwards by constructing high-rises but planners are now looking underground as they seek new areas for growth. The nation has carefully managed its rapid growth in recent decades to avoid the problems faced by other fast developing Asian metropolises, […]