Straits Herald December 1, 2019

Saudi Arabia became the first Arab nation Sunday to take over the G20 presidency as it seeks to bounce back onto the world stage following global uproar over its human rights record. The oil-rich kingdom has promoted a liberalisation drive, including granting greater rights to women, but faced strong criticism over a crackdown on dissent […]

Straits Herald August 29, 2019

The United States must observe a landmark nuclear deal and halt “economic terrorism” against Iran if it wants to hold talks, the Islamic republic’s foreign minister said Thursday. Tehran and Washington have been locked in a bitter standoff since last year when US President Donald Trump unilaterally pulled out of the 2015 deal that gave […]

Straits Herald August 24, 2019

by Andrea GRAELLS TEMPEL / AFP The G7, which holds a summit opening this weekend in the French resort of Biarritz, is an informal grouping of major powers created in 1975. Originally established as a vehicle for leading industrialised democracies to discuss the global economy, it has expanded its scope to issues such as peace, […]